04 Sep

Yellow house publishing holds no safe space. In the tradition of the great Irish bards like Micheal Hogan who cut the legs from under the great and good of Limerick with his spoken word, or the blind bard Zozimus from Dublin’s liberties whose auditorium was the wet street. Even the genus of Turlaugh O’Carolan held court where the powerful held fear of the craft of the stand alone poet, as a human statement. These bards held real power in their language, power that could smash through boundaries and topple the pillars of social orthodoxy, in a society where there was no safe space.

In establishing Yellow House Publishing and New Isles Press inprint our aim is to create the autonomous publishing space. Where writers hold freedom and power to pursue their work without self-censorship or fear of the collective. The message to our authors; be selfish in the pursuit of your work. As a small self-funded independent publisher producing work from the Island of Ireland and the home Nations of the UK. I am confident by keeping Yellow House Publishing Ltd free from political agenda and the current trend in pushing social theories through cultural wars will result in the generating of support among readers authors alike. We are only in the business of supporting good writers by producing a high quality literary journal that is reflective of our shared societies across our Island Nations. Proudly Yellow House Publishing Ltd does not seek or receive public arts funding from within Northern Ireland and United Kingdom. We are firstly committed to supporting writers who work through the medium of the Gaelic language, Ulster Scots, in addition to all language traditions from right across the whole of our shared Isles. This is personal for me, as I journey back in rediscovering my own Irish language heritage. 

So, I ask you reader for your help, by sharing the link to our website or if you have a bookshop, please stock New Isles Press and help to promote our publishing initiative and most important, please purchase New Isles Press when we launch in Spring 2023. If you wish to have your work considered for publication in our first edition, please submit, from the 1 st of Nov 2022 and if you feel you can contribute to our blog please approach us through our contact page.

Christoph Thackaberry Administrator  YHP

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