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What We Publish in New Isles Press Publication
We publish new, previously unpublished poetry and short stories in English, and we are the only independent Free-Press publication in Northern Ireland with one section dedicated to supporting and promoting the Gaelic and Ulster Scots minority language writer.

Whether you are a new author or have been previously published Yellow House Publishing would like to hear from you. We will contact you once a decision has been reached on entries for our third edition of New Isles Press literary journal EastSide Festival East Belfast 2024. 

We open for submissions for our special New Isles Press summer edition on May 1st 2024 and closes on the 1st July 2024. Focusing on short stories and poems, issue 3 will be part of EastSide Arts festival Belfast and the Thomas Carnduff Appreciation Society festival event "Summer Yard Sessions"will be held on Thursday 25th July 7.30 pm. The "Shipyard Poetry" competition... all successful contributors for issue 3 will automatically be entered into the competition; however all winners are expected to be available to attend the event.    

Author and playwright Rosemary Jenkinson is YHP new editor in chief for New Isles Press issue 3-4. The theme for issue 3 is (Boundaries Borders and Barriers). The editors may suggest changes to your work and we only accept work from resident writers in Ireland and the United Kingdom. So please provide your address when submitting your work along with a short biography.

Yellow House Publishing Ltd advocates openness, tolerance and free speech within Common law. We welcome all written submissions from everyone across our diverse communities on the Island of Ireland and the United Kingdom.

What to include in your submission
Covering email Biography 30-50 words
Your covering email should include:
• Your full name
• Your postal address, telephone number

Important notes for special Issue 3 
1. Submit up to two short stories word limit 2500 words or one poem.
2. All work must not be previously published or awaiting consideration by another
3. All work should be submitted in a single file with your name in Calibri font size 12. Work written in Irish, Welsh, Ulster Scots, and Scots Gaelic must also include an English translation.
4. Editor’s decision is absolute and the editor may make suggestions to change the work.
5. Copy right is held by the author. Yellow House Publishing will publish work in hard
copy (New Isles Press) in addition to digital download online from our website. 

6. Authors Publication Permission and Release term must be signed electronically at the bottom of this page by ticking the box.

7. Due to the high number of submissions the editors will only respond to successful entries. This is unfortunate as we would love to respond to every writer who takes the time in submitting work to New Isles Press.

Permission and Release Terms

Yellow House Publishing Ltd: Publications Permission and Release Terms.

We require all our authors to agree a twelve-month release copyright terms.

The author gives permission for Yellow House Publishing Ltd to publish their work in New Isles Press Literary Journal. When the poem or prose is published, the author gives Yellow House Publishing Ltd copyright use of this poem or prose. This means that it cannot be published elsewhere within twelve months without the permission of Yellow House Publishing Ltd.

Author gives Yellow House Publishing Ltd permission to distribute or sell this poem or prose in any format in the future, including print and electronic text in any format (such as CD, broadcast, cablecast, laserdisc, multimedia or any other existing or future media format), through on-line digital archives such as the ACM Digital Library, and in translations without any time limitation.

Author agrees to protect Yellow House Publishing Ltd (including employees, directors, and officers) from any costs from any claims that this poem or prose infringes any copyright, trademark, trade secret, letters of patent, or other intellectual property rights, and will defend any claims at authors own expense. Yellow House Publishing Ltd will defend the right of Free Speech and artistic expression of the Author. 

Author’s rights

Yellow House Publishing Ltd understands that all authors published in New Isles Press keep the following rights and responsibilities regard to Yellow House Publishing Ltd: 

  • Authors keep all other proprietary rights to the work, such as patent.
  • Authors may re-use after twelve months of agreeing the copyright release terms. Any portion of the poem or prose in future works, including books, lectures, and presentations in all media, provided that Yellow House Publishing Ltd is credited with the original publication.
  • Authors may revise the work. If it is sufficiently different, it is considered a new work, but still should cite the original as published in Yellow House Publishing Ltd publication inprint New Isles Press.
  • Authors may post the final version of the poem or prose on their own website for noncommercial access and personal use by others after twelve months of signed release form. This version of the poem or prose must include this notice:

 Author Name. (2024) Yellow House Publishing Ltd: New Isles Press: Borders Teorainn  Issue 3.   Available at:   

  • An author may distribute copies of the final version within an organization. posting these works within twelve months of agreeing release terms for public access requires permission from Yellow House Publishing Ltd.

Please note that by ticking the box below you are agreeing to our terms and conditions which includes our release terms.
All files must be no larger than 10MB. Bigger files can be sent to us at our email address using the likes of