Yellow House Publishing Ltd the leading independent Northern Ireland Publisher

Welcome to Yellow House Publishing Ltd, we are an independent Northern Ireland based publisher. Committed to bringing contemporary poetry and short story fiction from across our shared Islands directly to our readers.

Our mission is to support the creative bardic tradition, propagated by diverse communities for millennia across our shared Isles. The oral traditions of story and place expressed through the written word. Traditions held fast to core principles of openness, critical discussion, tolerance, and free speech, are all at the centre of our publishing ethos.

Our vision for Yellow House Publishing is to produce literary publications and support the Irish and British writer. We are funded not through arts grants or government funding models, but by our readers and individual patrons. While recognising that public funding avenues for arts and literature are important, the goal for Yellow House Publishing is to retain independence and autonomy of the publishing process. This will allow us to minimise those external factors that stifle creative freedom, and in the process also allow us as a publisher to evolve in terms of further developing our own ethos and fulfilling our own goals.

Our literary journal, (New Isles Press) Issue 3 will be launched on Thursday 25th July as part of EastSide Arts Festival Belfast "Summer Yard Sessions" event is sponsored by Yellow House Publishing Ltd in partnership with EastSide Partnership Charity. YHP is committed to having dedicated space for authors writing in the Gaelic language. Whether in Irish, Welsh, Scots Gaelic, and Ulster Scots we encourage you to submit your work. The freedom and liberty of Yellow House Publishing Ltd is also freedom for the author, because we are simply in the business of publishing good artistic work from new and emerging writers from within the Island of Ireland and United Kingdom only.

About The Video
Heather Robinson TURAS Irish Language Student reading her work at New Isles Press Issue 2 Launch East Belfast Feb 2024