27 Oct

Step out and journey with us on the 1st November? We are now open for submissions for our first issue of New Isles Press. The editors are very thankful to all the authors who have committed to take that first journey with us as featured poets and artists in the first edition of New Isles Press literary journal. 

Irish Bard Pat Ingoldsby kindly agreed to our request; to contribute to the first issue and we are honoured to have the support of such a renowned Irish poet. Equally… Rosemary Jenkinson whose work has received international acclaim and Canadian poet Chad Norman who is no stranger to our shared Islands. Special thank you to Dr Ciarán O’Coigligh, who has also kindly contributed poems from his up and coming Irish poetry collection. Our featuring Artists are photographer Tony O’Shea, who has generously agreed to let us use his work from his most recent book “The Light of Day" and Northern Ireland Artist Geordie Morrow. 

Yellow House Publishing are very grateful to all our writers and artist who have provided their work and support for New Isles Press literary journal.   We are also delighted to have Linda Ervine MBE on board as editor and her team at TURAS Irish Language Centre Inner East Belfast. Our shared vision is to support the publishing of new work from emerging Irish writers and those Gaelic language students coming through TURAS education programmes. New Isles Press is grounded first and foremost within grass-root community work “Yard Sessions” free monthly poetry and prose open mic platform held at EastSide Visitor Centre. 

Planning into 2023 and beyond involves a degree of confidence and vision with the goal of establishing the East Belfast Literary Festival under the banner of the Thomas Carnduff Appreciation Society (Shipyard Poet). The festival event is a work in progress and we will reveal more details on the planned festival in the New Year.

Tuesday the 1st of November we open for submissions. So get scribbling folks and we look forward to reading your work. We will contact everyone by email or phone call. New Isles Press receive no public funding and the volunteers give of their time and resources freely in producing the publication.

Please note: we do not accept submissions or inquiries through our blog posts. Please go onto our submission page and follow guidelines or you can send all inquiries through contact form. 

Christoph Thackaberry Administrator  YHP

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