BOOK SOLD OUT ONLY DIGITAL COPY AVAILABLE NOW (NEW ISLES PRESS: Journey Turas Raik) is a new poetry and prose journal holding dedicated page space for Irish, Ulster Scots and Scots Gaelic authors. Two years in the planning and months of hard work by the team has resulted in the final selection of work from excellent and gifted writers and we are honoured to feature Irish poet Pat Ingoldsby, who kindly accepted our invite to feature in our first issue. English language authors are Pat Ingoldsby, Rosemary Jenkinson, David Butler, Chad Norman, Marcus Jones Strider, A.K Jefferson Mills, Amy Barry, Patricia Walsh, Jeanna Ní Ríordáin, Fred Johnston, Stephen Knox, Eddie Curry, Margaret Galvin, Neil McCarthy, Robert Niblock, Lorraine Carey. Gaelic language authors covering work in Scots Gaelic and Irish are Gary Mac Pháidín, Pol Mac Giolla Ghuala, Seán Mac Pheadair, Dr Ciarán Ó Coigligh, Donnchadh MacCàba. Ulster Scots poet Alan Millar.


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NEW ISLES PRESS, "Step Out Journey" crossing boundaries  and dismantling barriers.  for a new and uniquely Northern Ireland, literary publication and the only poetry journal supporting the Gaelic language and Ulster Scots.

Please Note: No hard copies remaining for sale, digital download of issue 1 is available now £3.